The Birds of Oscarville

The story being
a sequel to
The Sword of Oscarville

[Roderick T. Long, 1972, age 8, San Diego]

Dedicated to my Mother, without whom this book would never have been written.

Oscar and his friend climb on the magic Humming Bird. It takes off across the sea. They cant stop it, it alights on an Island, where they have a wonderful time.

[ Fore ward]
1. Oscar of Oscarville
2. The Hummingbird’s Flight
3. The Island
4. The Magic Boat
5. The Archway of the Giants
6. The Land of Vaccum
7. Out of the Vaccum
8. Gogore!
9. After word

Frontis peice: The Giant Dragonfly

Fore ward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was the one who gave Oscar the magic sword to conquer the Monsters of Ooka! He was so happy he let me ride on his giant Humming Bird. In my last book, The Sword of Oscarville, it mentioned in the Foreward, that when the Humming bird took off, we couldnt stop it, and it flew us to a little, magical, isle. That is what this story is all about. For people who have read the other book, they will enjoy Oscar’s further adventures. For others, it will be a brand new thrill.

1. Oscar of Oscar-ville

And now, make way, for OSCAR of OSCAR-VILLE. Oscar rode in with a smile. This never would have happened if he had not saved Oscar-ville. When the Monsters of Ooka attacked the city, he saved them. Thus he was made a Duke. That was when he was 8. 3 weeks and he would be 12. He was going to send out invations. The first one he sent was to me, for I gave him the magic sword with which he conquered Ooka. There was to be a big festival, and Oscar was going to wear his golden sword, which usually was kept in the Mueseum.

2. The Humming bird’s Flight

It was a beautiful day, bands playing, and magic clouds were raining confetti. The window of the palace opened and out flew Oscar, on his gigantic Hummingbird. He landed in front of me. Care for a ride? he asked. I’d love it! said I. And we got on the bird.

Suddenly a tree branch fell on it’s tail. The bird jumped. It flew up and away, away, away from the Kingdom of Oscar ville. There, there, Hummy, said Oscar. But Hummy wouldn’t “there-there”. It flew through the air at the speeeeeed of a peice of lightning, out, across the sea. Finally it alighted on a little island.

3. The Island

The sand was cool & warm at the same time. Suddenly two beutiful birds with crowns came in. I am Queen Gilla said one. I am King Bana said the other. We are the rulers of all the birds.

A 1 legged bird hopped in. This is Half-chick, they said. You probably remember him from the storys.

Hello, I said. Shut up! said Half chick, and walked off. Then in came Stormer, the 3-legged crane. Howdy, Folks, he bellowed. I hear the sea calling me. Good-bye lads.

And he was gone, nothing but a purple feather, lying on the sands.

4. The Magical Boat

We met many other birds, but finally we left the Bird people, and found a beautiful boat lying

[2010 note: I can’t help wondering whether a page has gone missing here.]

We were just out of sight of the island, when – Where is Hummy? Could the Birds have stolen him for their own? Quickly we turned around. We headed for the island. But a swift rip current turned us off our course.

5. The Archway of the Giants

We came upon land and our boat was pulled under an archway. We came upon a huge green-tree like thing!! It was grass!! We were in a giant land. A huge dragon(fly) skimmed by. A cat almost got us. All of a sudden a giant stepped in. He took a shovel and – we ran into the house. And the the Giants wife had a vaccum cleaner and –

6. The Land of Vaccum

We were pulled along the tunnel, faster and faster. I dont want to be in a vaccum cleaner! shouted Oscar! So I tried to cook up a little spell. I think I got it wrong, but I dont know. But – Bang! and we were sailing on a pink sea. Suddenly a little isle came into veiw. We landed on it.

Immediatly, thousands of savages came. We were locked up. A knock came on the door. It was the witch doctor.

He placed us in a large bowl. He screamed. The sky darkened with sulphurous fumes. Suddenly, it darkened even more. A huge, majestic, Blue Eagle flew down. Get on my back, he cried, and I will take you back to the Isle of the birds!

7. Out of the Vaccum

He pecked thru the tough inside of the vaccum. Off we flew. We realized that the savages, the pink sea, and all that were just thoughts, that the vaccum had sucked up. (Giants, [OF COURSE] have HUGE thoughts.)

Mean while, the Humming bird was lost, and found again, although he had a narrow escape from a Rubber Tiger named Henry. Now the Giant Hummingbird had been telling the Birds all about OSCAR-ville and all the Birds wanted to go there. But they didn’t want to leave. But we squared things.

8. Gogore!

I decided to move the Island into the Oscarville-bay, and they could fly, or swim over to Oscarville and back. And those that can’t do either one can use the Bridge I will make! So me and Oscar went down under the Island to break it away and carry it to Oscar-ville when a huge Pangladon with 1 head, and about 4 or more faces let out a flock of Xn.t. The Xn.t swooped down on us, thousands of them, stinging us. Suddenly Oscar remembered his sword. He flew at the Xn.t, knocking them all over. But they could not be killed. The only thing that could kill them is a strong dose of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. All of a sudden, the sword was snatched from his hand. Then he remembered what to do! Gogore! he shouted. Suddenly, a Giant Bat swam in, breathing strong doses of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ!

That was the end of the Xn.t and it was also the end of Mr. Pangladon. Then we took the Island to Oscar-ville, and everyone lived happily ever after.

9. After word

There was going to be 1 bridge, – to Oscarville – but now there are 4. One to Restarant one to Country, one to the ruined city of Ooka where the Blunder-Monsters lived. Oscar went around pointing out – where the Iron Dragon-Monster had lived, where the two snakes known as the Slimy Twins, one Mr. Saylinka, one “the Vicous Circle” had stolen his sword and his Bat, and where the Winged Lady “Devil” had found him, and things like that.

Now later on, a boy (Johnny) on a trip to Oscarville meets a tiger that was made of rubber whose name was Henry – he was the one we just read about that tried to capture Hummy the Giant Humming Bird. He turned out, actually, to be a decent sort, a happy-go-lucky little guy. You can read all about him in The Rubber Tiger of Oscarville.

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