The Rubber Tiger of Oscarville

A Story Dealing Mostly with the Giant Bats of Oscarville

[Roderick T. Long, 1972, age 8, San Diego]


Dedicated to Johnny, S. Carry, Henry, Tim, and Randolph.
I would have put in the Batsay, but they wouldn’t know if I did, for the’re rather stoopid.

Pat. Pen.
Johnny & S. Carry, locked in a dirty dungeon, find an old sword. It is a magical sword, and takes them to see the magical tiger!
An Oscar-ville story without Oscar.


[ 4 word!]

Part I. Johnny in Oscarville

1. The Caterpillar
2. A Cocoon and a Butterfly
3. Off to Oscarville
4. The Dungeon / The Finding of the Sword
     [4.1. The Dungeon
     4.2. The Finding of the Sword]

Part II. Out of Oscarville

5. The Escape
6. The Rubber Tiger
7. Journeying
8. Back at Oscar-ville
9. Afterword

Frontis peice: S. Carry and Johnnie find the sword!

4 word!

Oscar of Oscar-ville, the Duke, had become Prince because he had married the Princess Maliya, and the King was dead with no heir. Now one day, Prince Oscar was flying on the back of his Giant Hummingbird, when his magic sword fell off into an old dungeon. But the Sorceror Roderick gave him a new one, so he did not need his old one. Johnny and S. Carry found it, and it was the beginning of all their adventures.

Part I. Johnny in Oscarville

1. The Caterpillar

Johnny was very reluctant and dismayed about his H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K. when he found that it had to do with caterpillars. It wasnt that he didnt know about caterpillars. He knew about them only too well. Just last week he had met a gigantic one called “The California Glopper.” Johnny had gotten all tangled up in the twists and curls of this terrible caterpillar.

The Assignment read:

“Find an “Orugus Finguralis Gloppus” – a rare species.

Finding it was easy, he had one in his own back yard. But how to capture it? Did Miss McForge want her pupils killed? Before Johnny had met the caterpillar, Johnny had wished that some strange and magical things would happen to him. Now he wished otherwise! If only there were no Glopper! Of course, how could he know that this was only a beginning?

2. A Cocoon and a Butterfly

Well, I gotta do what I gotta do, sighed Johnny, so he got some boots and 2 butterfly nets. Thus armed, he went into the back yard. Andsureenough, AND There, sure enough, Was the “California Glopper.” But what was it doing? It had made a cocoon and now it was getting in.

P.S. (Purple Snakes) When caterpillars get in their cocoons, they turn to butterflies! Let’s see what happens.

Chap. 3. Off to Oscarville

Powwe! The cocoon was certainly bouncing about! Suddenly, crrrrack!! The cocoon split open, and 2 uncertain eyes peered out.

Out jumped a Butterfly – but he was enourmous! The Butterfly swooped down on Johnny and carried him off. Suddenly, a piece of paper flew into his face. It read:

All About Roltenbuses

Roltenbuses are Gigantic Animals who are ....

It went on to say that Roltenbuses are related (vaguely) to the Monsters of Ooka, though even closer related to the Hairy Apes of “Reldé-boor,” and that the originated in Oscar-ville, a place Northwest and Southeast of Here, and Northeast and Southwest of There. (These directions are very easy to follow, and now you should have no trouble in locating it on the map.)

P.S. (Pink Serpents) It’s right next to Ūbess (yoo-bĕs).

Then it went on to tell about Giant Hummingbirds, and Giant Bats, and finally about Giant Caterpillars and Giant Butterflies!

It said that when a Roltenbus-caterpillar came out of it’s cocoon as a Rolten-fly, it is very light, and if it flew then, though large, it would blow away. So it takes something heavy to weight it down as it flies on to – Oscar-Ville – and as it flies it grows stronger, and then it drops the object. Now ........

So Johnny would soon be dropped, Oscar knows where! Owhe! How many problems he had!

1. He was hungry/dizzy.
2. He was going to be dropped in some strange place.
3. His parents would miss him.
4. He might be shot down, mistaken for a UFO.
5. He hadnt done his homework.

But in spite of all his problems, he went to sleep.

4. The Dungeon / The Finding of the Sword
     Chapter 4:1. The Dungeon
     Chapter 4:2. The Finding of the Sword

1. The Dungeon

Crash! Down came Johnny, onto the hard, hard earth. He hurt all over, he was lost, and what was more, locked in, for he had fallen in a large pit. He walked around, investigating, and finally came to a large marble slab. It read:
Imprisoned here: one terrible, Horrible, Scary.
Dont open!

Well, I’m not going to open it, then! x-claimed Johnny.

Suddenly, Johnny saw, carved into the Door, the words:


and the door slowly swung open.

2. The Finding of the Sword

Once inside, Johnny found the “Scary.” It was just S. Carrie, a little Girl. She had been imprisoned with her, small dog named Tim. Here they were. Now that Carrie was out, she was not out, because of the walls.

They were x-ploring the cave when they found it. Tim barked at it’s brightness. It was a sword, and, at the hilt, there was an old charm. It said:

If you need help, touch this charm and cry “__gore” (Help will come)

Perhaps it can get out of here, said S. Carrie. “Nothing doing” said Johnny. It says to say __gore. We must find out what __ stands for. The writing is blurred. So they tried:

When they said “Ogore” it gave a little jump, and that was all.

So Johnny and Carrie decided that it must be a word like Ogore. They named the dog Tim, and nicknamed it “Gore” after the hidden word. One time Gore was licking Carrie’s face, so Carry cried out Oh, please, go, Gore!

Then Jonny cried “Gogore”! and ran to the sword. Gogore! he said, and he pressed his thumb on the charm.

Part II. Out of Oscarville

5. The Escape

There was a crash, and smash! throo the door came a huge red bat, followed by 3 other bats, a yellow, a turquoise, and a bronze. “You see,” said the Bat “there were supposed to be 5 of us in all, but the Bautasae is tired.” “A Bat-say?! Said Johnny. What is that?

Well, said the red bat, who seemed to be the Leader, “A Bautasae is rather like us Rolten Bats, but somwat different. It is larger, and has a huge green head surrounded with horns. It has Plum coloured wings, and a Purplish-Pink Body. It has big, puffy, Blue, marsh mallowish-sort of hands. It has a stiff metal tail with a propeller on the end.

Then the Red Bat, whose name, they found, was Randolph, explained that “Gogore” was the magic word that brought them to here. They carried Johnny & Carrie to their palace. Then, they were shown (at the palace) all different kinds of Batsays. Take, for instance, the Bronzy-Box, a metal creature, with triangular wings, square body, and roundish head.

Then it was – “Would you like an adventure?”

“Yes” was the answer. So they got in a huge crystal, and bright colours flashed, mirrors bounced, cogs churned. Suddenly, Johnny, Carrie, and Lil’ Tim found themselves falling. Splash! And they were in the sea ....

6. The Rubber Tiger

There was a small Rock nearby, and seated on it was a Tiger of Rubber. The tiger said that his name was Henry, and that he had been created by Sprinky, a very wicked witch who intended to use Henry for wicked purposes.

She didnt give him any food, so he jumped out at a giant Hum-bird. The Hum-bird had shook him off, and he had fallen on the Rock. He could swim, but swift rip currents swooped about, circling the Rock.

Carry, Johnny, and Lil’ Gore had fallen in the center, and now they too were trapped! But they found that if one held the sword when underwater one could breathe easily. So, all holding on, they went under. At first they were bothered by a swarm of X.nT, but the tiger shot a strong dose of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ at them, after which they kept quiet.

7. Journeying

Then – Joyo! They fund a secret tunnel under the rip current. They were Free!

They dried the charm carefully, and then it was “Go-gore”!

[2010 note: Why wouldn’t that have worked equally well when they were “trapped” on the rock?]

Back at the palace, Johnny & Carrie decided to go back to Oscar-ville. So, whee, off they went.

8. Back to Oscar-ville

They landed by a little cottage, in the midst, of Oscar-ville, with an “Oscar ville Herald” news stand near by.

The Oscarville Herald

King Oscar I of Oscarville’s Magical Sword is gone. It does not matter, because the Sorceror R. had given him a new one. Just the same, a reward will be offered to anyone who can find it. Last seen in the Puranian Ruins. Reward: $9,00,0,00,0,00,0,00,0,00,0.

[2010 note: Oscar (or his chronicler) seems to have forgotten that he could retrieve the lost sword simply by shouting “Gogore.”]

Johnny and his friends emmediatly claimed it, and they lived Happily Ever After.

Chap. 9. What Happened Afterword

Out of the $9,00,0,00,0,00,0,00,0,00,0, Jonny moved to Oscar-ville. Carrie, Tim, and Henry also made it their permanent home. Now you have read about Oscar-ville in:

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