The Sword of Oscarville

by Rod L.

[1972, age 8, San Diego]

Dedicated to Oscar of Oscarville

The Monsters of Ooka were planning an attack on Oscarville. With the help of the Magic Bats, and the Golden Sword, he drove them away!


[ Fore ward]
1. The Baby Hummingbird
2. The Monsters of Ooka
3. The Golden Sword
4. The Battle
5. Nothing
6. The Bats
7. The Saylinka
8. The Bats Again
9. Afterward

Frontis peice: The Bats swooped

Fore ward

One summer day, while working at my office, one Oscar of Oscarville came to call. He was very exited about something. Finally he said, the Monsters of Ooka are attacking Oscar-ville!

So I gave him a magic sword and told him that if he lost it, he should yell, Gogore! and 5 bats will come. Their king is red. The messenger is blue-green. Theyve a little copper boy-bat. The chamberlin is green-yellow and they have a bird-like-thing that is plum.

After the battle was all over he told me and I wrote this book about it. Oscar was so happy he let me ride his giant Humming Bird. Suddenly the Hummingbird went off across the sea. We couldn’t stop it. We alighted on an Isle and had a wonderful adventure. But that is another story and I will tell you about it another time.

1. The Baby Humming-Bird

Oscar found a baby Humming Bird in his back yard. And that was what started all his troubles. The Baby Humming Bird had lost it’s Mother. It was just lying their, it’s wing broken, in the grass. Feeling sorry for it, Oscar took it in the house.

He fed it. And it grew. And grew. It got to be 2 feet long! Most Hummingbirds are just 1 inch. Next week it was a yard! Bigger and bigger it got. Now his father used to catch gorillas and he still had his cage, so they put the Giant Bird in there. But it broke its cage and flew away.

Suddenly it turned around and made a nose dive – splash, straight into the birdbath. Now the bird bath was old already, so when this big, 300 pound bird falls down on it, it’s had it! It crumbled up into little pieces and that was the end of it! But that was only the beginning of the story!

2. The Monsters of Ooka

Oscar decided to name this giant bird Hummy, and then they went out for a walk. Hummy began to peck a rabbit. Stop that! cried Oscar! but the Hummingbird wouldn’t stop. So Oscar jumped on it. This startled that it jumped up and flew into the air – with Oscar on it!

They soared into the air, higher and higher. Across huge plains, rivers, mountains, woods, over into the Land of Ooka. Now most Humming-Birds don’t need to rest, but this Hummingbird was just flying because he was startled. So they landed lightly in a wood. And a voice behind them said I am Bat-Lady, and what are you doing in my dominions? Answer me before I count to 10 or I’ll – 12345678910! Youre done for! Wheet!

15 Devilish Goblins ran in. They grabbed him and threw him into a pit. A huge Steel Dragon leaped in the door, roaring. This was a gruesome creature, fire spouting out in all directions. He was not really steel, but some other kind of metal, so strong that when some body threw iron darts at him, he bent and cracked the iron darts. Now he was just a brain inside a statue, but he was able to move by melting his strong metal with an equally strong furnace inside him, able to melt the iron bars which once trapped his mistress, the Bat-Lady. The fire was so strong that it made several holes in the Dragons skins, so fire spouted out in all directions.

All of a sudden, a voice out of the air called, You have been foolish to come here! You shall be killed! Your pet Humming-bird shall be roasted!

They pulled off a few scales of the Steel Dragon (he grew new ones) and stretched them into spits. Some wood was laid out. The Dragon just looked at it and it caught fire! The boy and the bird were put on spits and were being turned over the fire. But the Monsters of Ooka had not counted on the Humming Bird’s strength, and he had broken his strings. Great! thought Oscar. My Humming-bird is free and I’m not! But he had not counted on Hummy’s loyalty, which persuaded him to break the chains. Oscar climbed on his back and off they flew. And out from the woods came a huge voice, thus: your troubles are not over! We shall attack your village! Just you wait!

3. The Golden Sword

Oscar was worried. He had a right to be. He decided to tell Mom and Dad about it about it. Dad said – well, it’s all the fault of that big, fat, bird!

But Dad, said Oscar, he got me off the spit!

Never would have been on it in the first place if it wasn’t for that Humphrey – or who-ever he is! and he kicked Hummy. Hummy kicked him. He threw a rock at Hummy. Hummy bit him. See? said Dad. Bad temper!

Mom wasn’t any better. Oh! she said. Those monsters and my child! It’s all that Hummy’s fault! Now Oscar went to town the next day and somehow somebody was kind enough to lend him a magic sword (it was me). There was a little peice of paper attached to it. It read:


Aim carefully at prey. Throw. Always, when throwing, or even sword-fighting, keep your thumb on the charm at the top of the sword. If the sword is ever lost, shout Gogore!!!!

If your thumb has ever touched the charm, then the spell will work. 5 Mina Losas (giant, color-ful, Bats) will swoop down for your command.

This is guaranteed to last for 100000000000000 years and will catch anything from rats to monsters.

4. The Battle

It was one summer night, cool, peace-ful, when everything happened at once. Oscar, who had been hiding behind a bush, saw a huge Rubber Monster walk in the gates. He placed his thumb on the charm, threw the sword, and the sword did it’s job. Slash! and that was the end of the Rubber Monster. Hummy swooped down and grabbed a few Goblins and splashed them into the lake, where they drowned. Bat-Lady flew down and screeched like a hawk. Off went her head!

All of a sudden the Steel Dragon jumped out. Would the magic sword work against this strong, immortal being?

5. Nothing

The Dragon leaped, screeching, flame shooting out, on all sides. Oscar drew back his sword, and made the greatest stab he ever made in his life. And the Steel Dragon was dead!

Just then Nothing came in. There was a flash of light and an empty suit of armor walked toward him. He struck at it. It fell over. A voice said, you didn’t really think is was in there, did you. He turned, and there was a little knife.

He was about to attack when a rock fell on his head. Somebody was scratching his feet. Out of his hand slipped the sword.

I got your magic sword! shouted Nothing. And there is Nothing you can do about it! but Nothing was wrong. Gogore! shouted Oscar.

6. The Bats

The charm worked like magic (it was magic, that’s why). 5 huge BATS flew down. There was a red one, with a crown. Also a little copper one. A yellow-green one and a blue-green one. And also a plum colored BATSAY, which is a second cousin to the BATS. The BATS swooped down and they pecked Nothing all up. Bats do not have very good eyesight, but they have radar, and with this radar they found Nothing. And that was the end of Nothing.

7. The Saylinka Steals the Sword

Oscar was walking along, peacefully, holding his sword, when a long serpent jumped out of the pond and grabbed the sword. Oscar was just about to call, Gogore! when a Vicous Circle jumped up from under the rock and bit his thumb. He bit a little bit of skin off – ALAS-ALACK – just the point which had touched the charm! What could he do?

8. The Bats Again

It just so happened that the Bats happened to be flying overhead. They went down to the rescue. They took the sword away from the Saylinka (for that is what it was) and gave it to Oscar. They bit off the head of the serpent. They could not catch the Vicous Circle because it went rolling around in every which way. But finally he struck a huge rock and broke, and that was the end of the Monsters of Ooka!

9. After Word

After that eppisode, Oscar was made a Duke, and the Humming Bird became the Royal Symbol of Oscar-ville. A few years later, when the sword was locked up in a mueseum, Oscar discovered an Island inhabited only by birds. But that is another story, which you may read in The Birds of Oscarville.

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