Facts and Comments (1902)

by Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)

This online edition of Spencerís Facts and Comments is a work in progress.
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FC-Pref.1 During the years spent in writing various systematic works, there have from time to time arisen ideas not fitted for incorporation in them. Many of these have found places in articles published in reviews, and are now collected together in the three volumes of my essays. But there remain a number which have not yet found expression: some of them relatively trivial, some of more interest, and some which I think are important.
FC-Pref.2 I have felt reluctant to let these pass unrecorded, and hence during the last two years, at intervals now long and now short, have set them down in the following pages. Possibly to a second edition I shall make some small additions, but be this as it may, the volume herewith issued I can say with certainty will be my last.

H. S.

BRIGHTON, March, 1902.

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