Summaries of issues during my editorship:

JLS 18.4 (Fall 2004): The American Militarist State

JLS 19.1 (Winter 2005): Money, Method, and Merchants of Death

JLS 19.2 (Spring 2005): Public Land, Public Schools, Public Philosophers, and Public Policy

JLS 19.3 (Summer 2005): Contrarians in Conflict! Anarchists in Abundance!

JLS 19.4 (Fall 2005): Constitutional Law, Corporate Power, and Liberal Imperialism

JLS 20.1 (Winter 2006): Anarchism Left and Right

JLS 20.2 (Spring 2006): Adam Smith, Airwaves, and Argumentation

JLS 20.3 (Summer 2006): Anarchy, Degradation, and Extremism!

JLS 20.4 (Fall 2006): From Asteroids to Abortion, From Dike-Builders to Bicycle Thieves

JLS 21.1 (Winter/Spring 2007): Debate the State

JLS 21.2 (Summer 2007): Donors, Democrats, and Eminent Domain

JLS 21.3 (Fall 2007) and 21.4 (Winter 2007-8): John Galt Shrugs! John Gray Slides! JLS Rules!

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