Hosea Biglow Conscientiously Objects (1859)

by James Russell Lowell (1819-1891)

BCO.1 Es fer war, I call it murder Ė
There you hev it, plain and flat;
I donít want to go no furder
Than my Testyment for that;
BCO.2 God hes said so, plump and fairly Ė
Itís es long es it is broad Ė
Aní youíve got to git up airly
If you want to take in God.
BCO.3 íTaint your eppylets aní feathers
Make the thing a grain more right;
íTaint a-folleriní your bell-wethers
Will excuse ye in His sight.
BCO.4 Ef you take a sword aní dror it,
Aní go stick a feller thru,
Guvíment aint to answer for it,
Godíll send the bill to you.
BCO.5 Wutís the use of meetiní-goin,
Every Sabbath, wet or dry,
Ef itís right to go a-mowin
Feller-men Ė like oats and rye?
BCO.6 I dunno but wut itís pooty
Traininí round in bobtail coats,
But itís curus Christian duty
This íere cuttiní oí folksí throats.
BCO.7 Iíll return ye good for evil
Much es we frail mortils can;
But I wonít go help the Devil
Making man the cus of man.
BCO.8 Call me coward, call me traitor,
Jest es suits your mean idees Ė
Here I stand a tyrant hater
Aní the friend oí God aní Peace.

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