Review (1908) of Gustave de Molinari’s
Economic Questions on the Agenda (1906)

by the Political Science Quarterly

GM-EQA.1 M. de Molinari’s Questions économiques à l’ordre du jour (Paris, Guillaumin et Compagnie, 1906; 387 pp.), is a collection of essays on several topics which are attracting public attention to-day: “the natural laws which socialists and protectionists ignore”; the relation of these laws to the participation of labor in the profits of production; the justification for the share enjoyed by capital; the causes which are responsible for protectionism and will work for its destruction; the substitution of the gold for the silver standard and the necessity of securing a less unstable measure of value; the utility of religion; and finally the impossibility of perpetuating a military régime in opposition to the actual conditions of social existence. The point of view is that of the individualist free-trader, and the conclusions harmonize in general with the principles of that school.

Political Science Quarterly 23, no. 1 (March 1908), p. 181.
[author unknown]

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