Roderick T. Long — Family Information

(a work in progress – notes for my mother’s memoirs)

Roderick T. Long (b. 4 February 1964, Los Angeles)

         Father: Philip (or Phillip?) Patrick Long (b. 11 November 1922? Kansas? d. 1965?) [more info here]

         Mother: Jorie [Marjorie] Blair Long née McKay (b. 2 March 1926, Chicago; d. 1 September 2017, Auburn AL) [more info here and here]

         Maternal uncle: Charles Roderick McKay Jr. (b. 10 March 1922, Chicago; d. 1966, Chicago)

                   Maternal grandfather: Charles Roderick McKay (b. 8 July 1873, Sackville, New Brunswick, to Roderick McKay and Charlotte G. McKay (1844-1936); d. 9 February 1954)

                   Maternal grandmother: Marjorie Blair McKay née Conway (b. 30 June 1889, Chicago, to John Edward Conway and Margaret Conway née Devine; d. 1 July or 12 July 1982, Pensacola FL)

                   Maternal great-uncle: Graham Stuart Conway (b. 2 Dec. 1892, Chicago; d. November 1968, Los Angeles)

                   Maternal great-uncle: John Edward Conway (b. 2 March 1891, Chicago; d. 3 June 1971, Los Angeles)


12 May 1913: My grandfather’s first passport application (I believe this was when he visited Italy)

7 September 1918: My grandfather’s draft registration card (he was not drafted)

18 May 1923: My grandfather’s second passport application (this was for his honeymoon)

27 June 1923: My grandparents’ return to u.s. from Cherbourg (the honeymoon was supposed to be for two months but he was called back, allegedly on bank business but actually out of pettiness from his supervisor, after only one)

1936: The grave of my grandfather’s mother, Charlotte Geddie McKay, in Wheaton IL

20 August 1937: Passenger manifest from the S.S. Monterey, for arrival in Honolulu for my mother, uncle, and grandparents (my mother’s and uncle’s birthdays are reversed, though the birth years are correct)

6 May 1940: Census listing my mother, uncle, and grandparents in Daytona Beach FL

1942: My uncle’s draft registration card (he was indeed drafted, but got out by pretending to be homosexual)

1954: My grandfather’s grave, Wheaton IL

1966: My uncle’s grave, Wheaton IL

1981: My high school senior yearbook photo, Hanover NH