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Everything you know is a lie.

Cast your mind back to when you were a child. Remember how life shone out from within? How everything was new and full of golden hope?

And then “they” got to you. The politicians – the priests – the philosophers – the parasites!

This is politics: “Do what you’re told or we’ll punish you.“”

This is religion: “Suffer misery now so you can be happy after death.”

This is philosophy: “The universe came from nothing and will one day return to it.”

None of these doctrines stands up to rational analysis.

Since the birth of consciousness, hundreds of millions of human beings have been slaughtered by their fellows.

Men – women – children ... snuffed out as if their lives meant nothing.

Why? Because we look to leaders and priests and gurus and “stars” to tell us what to do instead of relying on the powers of our own sovereign minds.

They charge in blood for the privilege of ruling us.

Quoting Einstein out of context, they say that good and evil are relative; that there are no moral absolutes.

They lie. Only two laws are needed to change the entire universe: Never use initiatory force, and never cheat.

The people who run our world constantly break both.

Aristotle believed that man is basically good, decent and noble. If left to his own devices he’ll seek individual happiness within an orderly society.

For Aristotle, human life and sovereign consciousness were the universe’s greatest values.

But Plato believed man is a wild and savage beast, incapable of self-discipline. To manage him for his own best ends, man needs rulers – kings, governments, priests, presidents.

For Plato, human life is worthless, to be endlessly sacrificed to “higher” causes and ideals.

Which one do you think the world followed?

Mao Tse-Tung spouted a lot of nonsense, but he sure got one thing right: All (political) power comes out the barrel of a gun.

You don’t believe me, do you? You live in a democracy. You vote for your leaders.

So tell me – what happens if you want to disobey them?

Say you don’t like the President. You object to paying taxes to support him, his family, his pets, his bodyguards and the friends he wangled jobs for. What do you do?

Or say you don’t like your taxes being used to subsidize foreign arms sales for slaughter in the third world. How can you stop it?

Vote for somebody else, whose policy is the same? Don’t vote?

The government pretends to be there to serve you. In reality, it’s there to tell you what to do.

If you refuse to obey, you’ll be investigated – arrested – criminalized.

Your assets will be seized and given to the state. You will be jailed.

Albert Einstein said that “The only justifiable purpose of political institutions is to ensure the unhampered development of the individual.”

But our institutions are the opposite. They enslave us – rule us by fear and deceit!

They’d gladly bomb us back into the stone age! They don’t want the common man to be anything but a slave!

The world has gone wrong. But I swear by every breath in my body – I will put it right again!

In harsh economic terms, there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who produce goods, services and values ... and those who don’t.

And before you say what about the old, the young, and the sick – we look after them, right? That’s what makes us human.

Intentional non-producers are parasites. To hide their parasitism, they employ the techniques of deception, coercion, and naked force.

Parasites can never create. They can only destroy.

Today, for the first time in history, the parasites outnumber the producers who support them.

They’re entering a final feeding frenzy, which will result in the ultimate evil – a totalitarian state.

Where administration bigwigs view the world from stretch limos, while families sleep in cardboard boxes –

Corrupt businessmen flourish, while honest men beg in the gutter –

Crime explodes – while decent folk are afraid to walk the streets their taxes pay for.

All human life is there – from the best to the worst, the kings in their fortresses to the scum in their sties. And all of them believe it has to be that way.

I’m going to show them that it doesn’t.

The world is collapsing. Madness flares everywhere the animal mind reclaims the conscious mind.

The religious slaughters – the inter-tribal massacres – the wars for oil – have turned our planet into a charnel pit.

Grinding poverty affects half mankind. 20 million people die each year because they’re hungry.

And who pays for the parasites who cause it all? The common man ... his wife ... their children.

The elites have always won. The common man has always lost.

Until tonight.

I merely intend to hold up a mirror, and say – “See what you are, and see what you could be.

“Mankind is poised between a future in the stars, and a future in the mud. So stop the killing – stop the lies – and let’s start living!”

Imagine – you’re a child again. Filled with innocence, and wonder, and life. Remember how good it felt?

That’s what the parasites stole from us. They bled us dry. And like sheep we lined up to give more blood.

But we can have back all that they stole, and more.

The information age provides a spotlight the parasites can’t squirm away from.

Identify them. Negate their evil. Ostracize them.

Step with me into a better world.

– Anarky
(from the Anarky miniseries)

Who is Anarky?

Anarky is my favorite comic-book character.

Anarky is a DC comics superhero created by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle, inspired by the anarchist hero of the V for Vendetta comic by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Anarky began as an adversary in the Batman comics and later starred in how own (short-lived) title (twice!). Anarky is the only major recurring comics character to endorse anarchism.

Like other superheroes, he fights crime. But unlike other superheroes, he does not limit himself to fighting private criminals, but takes on the biggest criminal of all: the state itself. As Anarky explains: “What’s the difference between democracy and the Mafia? In a democracy, you get to elect the gangbusters who rule your life and the Mafia takes only ten percent in taxes!”

This stance routinely puts Anarky at odds both with standard DC heroes such as Batman and Green Lantern, and standard DC villains such as Darkseid and the Joker. Few of his opponents suspect that behind the mask lies a teenage computer genius named Lonnie Machin.

When Anarky was first introduced, he was portrayed as a socialist anarchist, attacking capitalism and routinely violating individual rights (for example, electrocuting one character for the consensual “crime” of drug dealing).

Somewhere along the way, however, Anarky author Alan Grant seems to have been doing some reading, for, starting around the time of the Anarky miniseries, Anarky’s words and actions alike began to show the influence of free-market libertarianism in general and Ayn Rand in particular.

As a result, Anarky represents an impressive voice for liberty in today’s comics.

The Anarky comic book was cancelled in 1999. But since the last issue contained the revelation that Anarky is the natural son of Batman’s longtime nemesis, the Joker, it’s a safe bet that Anarky will be reappearing in the pages of the Batman comics. I will be watching for him!

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Also, see artist Norm Breyfogle’s Anarky page.

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