Anti-Voting Resources

Each year when election time rolls around, we are sternly reminded from all quarters that it is our “duty” to vote. Here’s some intellectual ammunition on behalf of the other side. If you know of some good anti-voting links that ought to be here but aren’t, drop me a line.

Links to Individual Articles:

The X2012 Project

The Vote for Nobody Campaign

Is Voting an Act of Violence? by Carl Watner

Act Responsibly, Don’t Vote! by Wendy McElroy

Violence, Including the Vote, Cannot Bring Liberty by Wendy McElroy

Why I Would Not Vote ... Even Against Hitler by Wendy McElroy

Your Obligation To Not Vote by Alex R. Knight III

Be Patriotic – Don’t Vote by Tom DiLorenzo

Please Don’t Vote by Alex Ryan

Don’t Vote by Charles Johnson

Abstain From Beans by Robert LeFevre

Party Dialogue by George H. Smith

Just Say “No” by Gary Chartier

Your Vote Doesn’t Count by Katherine Mangu-Ward

Stop Voting, Start Acting by Mothuzad Keen

Is It Wise To Vote? Getting My Head Ready for Freedom by Rich Hammer

I Won’t Vote! by Don Boudreaux

Why I Do Not Vote by Michael Rozeff

The Only Choice by Lew Rockwell

If We Quit Voting by Frank Chodorov

How Can Anyone Think Voting Matters? by Wilton D. Alston

Why Don’t You Go In Politics? by François Tremblay

Stop Voting by David K. Thomson

Voting – Again by Robert Klassen

Democracy Takes Too Many Lunch Hours by Jeffrey Tucker

Why I Am Not Voting by Gary McGath

Politics for Anti-Politicians by Tom Knapp

Voting Anarchists: An Oxymoron or What? by the Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade

The Truth About Electoral Politics by Michael Chisari

Our Enemy the Party by Samuel E. Konkin III (PDF file)

In Which I Fail To Be Reassured by Charles Johnson

Voting Is Bad, M’kay? by Db0

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action by Gene Sharp (PDF file)

Remember, Remember, Don’t Vote in November by Thomas L. Knapp

No Masters, Not Even Ron Paul by David D’Amato

Why I Will Not Vote for Ron Paul by Anthony Freeman

On the Road to Nowhere With Johnson and Paul by Thomas L. Knapp

Reply to the Argument “If You Don’t Vote, You Can’t Complain” by Herbert Spencer

Against Woman Suffrage by Lysander Spooner


Links to Pages of More Links:

Strike-the-Root’s Non-Voting Archive

The Anarchist Case Against Voting and Elections

Freedom Circle: Articles on Voting

League of Non-Voters

Webmaster’s note: I actually think the libertarian case against voting is overstated (for my reasons, see here and here). But since I also think that the anti-voting arguments are generally far closer to the truth than the pro-voting arguments while receiving far less attention, I put this page together. The emphasis of anarchist action should be on education, direct action, and building alternative institutions, rather than electoral politics.