Green Fire

by Roderick T. Long

[written around 9, or 1973-ish, in San Diego; all spelling and punctuation sic.]

Green Fire – a novel by Rod L. (with trasalations)

Thomas B. Anthony Jumpup looked out the window. There was nothing unusual about that. Thomas B. Anthony Jumpup looked out the window every day. All day. All night, too, as a matter of fact. One of the main reasons for this was because he couldn’t do anything else. Thomas B. Anthony Jumpup was a Machine. Thomas B. Anthony lived in a large room with oil spilled all over the floor. It was next to the Basement. All he could see through the very tiny window was feet going by. All in all, I must say that it was a very unpleasant place.

Thomas B. was very lonely. he had once been part of a roller coaster, and he had enjoyed taking the children for rides very much. Now that was all over. He Remembered the Time when the Junkman came to take him away. Then they put him down with all the junk, in the basement. Thomas was sad. Suddenly, a voice be,hind said “Meestore Joompoop, Leesantumeee!” (Mr. Jumpup, listen to me.) Jumpup jumped.

Thomas B. Anthony Jumpup looked around. But no one was in sight. “May I have the pleasure of knowing who is Adressing me?” He asked politely. “Nooo, youu mae notte” (No, you may not) cried the shrill voice. “Leesan tu meee! Vu canst tok and de zink! Vu vould make ooo, Gud Puteh, Com-! Zae mus kindey fink, u zink, Tak Tu! Vu make ooo, Gud Computeh!” (Listen to me! You can talk and think! You would make a Good Computer! They must think, kind of, and you think, and talk too! ) “I don’t wanna be a’ computer.” said Thomas B. “Buutte vu kud bee porfel! – But you could be powerful! Porfel!” shrieked the “?” “I don’t care about being Power-ful” said Tommy. all I want is to take children for rides. I want to get outa here!” “Vu could be free” you could be free squeaked the voice. “V vu became an’ computeh! Vu could have veals ’staled, andde vu kud zum rond!” (If you became a computer, youa could have wheels installed and you could zoom around.)

They argued and Argued, and finally the thing got Disgusted, and went away. T.B.A.J. was left to rust. But that was not all. The Next day, 2 men came with a large crate they dumped, and said “So much for the Roller coaster. We’ll use the old one now. Tomorrow George will pick ’er up.

[2012 note: I don’t know if that’s the original ending; but that’s all I’ve got. – RTL]

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