[written in 2nd or 3rd grade (circa 1972) by Roderick T. Long;
all spelling and punctuation sic.
I originally dated this to 1974, but revised the date when I rediscovered Oscar of Oscarville,
which was unquestionably dated to 1972 but (going by spelling and punctuation) was clearly written later than this.]

The History of the World!

By Rod.

A Sequel to The Fairytale Age

The History of the World

According to what I think, the History of the World is different from what most people think. This is the Real history of the world.

Chapter 0 – An Introduction

This book tells the Real history of the world. With the Author’s Drawings, the Strange animals and people come to life. I have learned that some of the Fairy-tales were actually real in a Way. The Giants, the Kwans, the Ancient Sarps and the Dragons plus many other things all meet. It all begins ...

On a High-Ho hill-top far away, there was a flash of light, and so on. Find out the History of the World. So Come, Come, Lurch with me back, Back into time. And now we shall slowly go forward, toward our time, watching all that happens. So look carefully! The Book’s Now beggining!

Chapter 1 – The Beggining

Far off in Space, a large ball, pure white, Slowly Revolving. This was EARTH. When EARTH was new, it was pure white. Now it is faded and rather brown.

Then, a closer veiw. Tiny puffs of smoke circling it. These were Clouds. Now, going closer, Huge ditches in the Earth. The Earth has just been made. Heavens! Look at all the clouds! Let’s go in one. Hmmm! Lots of living things, big and small! Then it began to rain. One after another, clouds let out water. And, with the water, came all the beings living in the clouds. The Beings find themselves on earth. The ones on land live there. But water falls into the Ditches. Then the Ditches became Rivers, Lakes, Seas and Oceans. Some of the “people of the Clouds” fell in these and became so used to it they could not live out. The other “rain” as it was called, ran downhill into the ditches. The people on the land, on the other hand, could not live in the water. And so from that time two tribes of People, the Land-people and the Sea-people.

Chapter 2 – The People

The Land-people and the Sea-people were good freinds. But a large kind of Beast called a “Dragon” Guarded this part of the earth. The Dragon was called DINASAURUSE (the E is silent) Dinasaur meaning Dragon, Use meaning Terrible. A fish (that was the name of a certain kind of sea person) called Sword-fish tried to kill the Dragon. He failed. So did Incorsacora and the giant Gore-to. The Giant Dedorus, even though he used Swords instead of sticks failed. But Slimen, a Kwan, had lost one arm and in it’s place was a sword with which He killed the Dragon. But it had been so long since the Dragon had come, they forgot why they wanted to kill the Dragon. So that most of the people forgot how to talk with the fish and the other way round.

Chapter 3 – The Giants

Susan looked up from the book she was reading. Mother, it tells the history of the Earth here it says “The earth was inhabitated by Dinasaurs. Then they died. Man came from monkeys and then they stabilized this place. Well, that’s what most people think but we know different. A Giant walked into the room where Susan was sitting. Now, this Giant had 3 eyes. He took a large cloak and put it over his shoulders. He flew off and came riding back on the Back of a dragon.

Chapter 4 – The Sarps

A race of cavemen in those days called Sarps, lived on a High-Ho hill. Then there was a flash of light and the hill disendegrated. Merk, the Leader of the Sarps, saved them.

Chapter 5 – More History

Merk, Looking into the Future, saw that he would be scorned about flying. In those days everybody could fly, wings or not. One day,

Chapter 6 – The end of the world

It came so suddenly Nobody had time to escape. The earth rumbled, it cracked, it made huge bubbles. All the hills cracked just like the High-Ho hill. There was a Terrible Flash! and all was silent.

Chapter 7 – The New World

Nobody survived but Merk and two little babys, a boy and a girl. When they grew up they married. And it was from them our world today is established. But no-one believed Merk when he talked about the first world. They said he was a crazy man. This did it. He flew off into Space and was never seen again. Oh, yes. He did come back but nobody realized and they finally killed him. But now-days almost everybody knows about him, although they know him by a different name. I bet you know about him too.

Chapter 8 – Susan again

As if it were true!

Chapter 9 – The end of?


Chapter 10 – The end

You may never understand the message that I am now going to put into your knowing but I will do so for I have a feeling that you will comprehend the message which will be sent you from my mouth and so I will give you a hint which says it is something I say so I do say,


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