Letter from the Moon

by Roderick T. Long

[Around 1976 (age 12) in Idaho Falls; this was a school assignment to write a letter.]

9999999999 Moonworld Ave.
Moon City, Luna Firma 9210Q
Septober 32, 2976

Dear Xanadu,

How is your pet snorfl? My mother wouldn’t let me have a snorfl because they slurp their soup. How is your mother?

I have gotten a new Holovision. In addition to being three-dimensional, you can smell, feel, and hear the picture on the screen.

Did you read that really old-fashioned book I sent you – “The Space Age” by Marvin Coleman? It’s neat.

It must be nice to live on an artificial planet like Terra, where you can breathe real air. Terra’s supposed to be just like Earth was before it became so polluted that no one could live there. It’s tough to always be in a space-suit, the way we are here.

I am looking forward to visiting you on Artemus Day. Until then, good-bye.

Your friend,


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