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Libertarian Nation Foundation
What would a libertarian nation look like? LNF is a libertarian think tank working
toward attaining a free nation by building visions of the institutions in that free nation.

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The purpose of the Libertarian Nation Foundation is to advance the day when coercive institutions of government can be replaced by voluntary institutions of civil mutual consent, by developing clear and believable descriptions of those voluntary institutions, and by building a community of people who share confidence in these descriptions.

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How LNF Differs From Other Libertarian Organizations

LNF does not try to influence government policy in existing nations.  And LNF does not try to convince statists (people who believe in the state as an institution) of the benefits of privatization.  Instead LNF works among people who are already libertarian, trying to build the strength of the libertarian movement from within by improving the clarity of its vision.

Introduction to the Libertarian Nation Foundation

LNF was founded (along with its sister organization FNF-CI) in 2001 as a daughter organization of the original Free Nation Foundation (which was founded in 1993 to follow the plan described in Toward a Free Nation). LNF publishes Formulations and holds occasional Forums.

In accordance with the agreement between the principals of LNF and FNF-CI, FNF-CI has now been renamed to Free Nation Foundation and the domain is now used by this new Free Nation Foundation. The new FNF continues to use the legal paperwork of the original FNF.

LNF previously used the website, but that URL currently has no connection to either LNF or FNF-CI. Internal links are in the process of being updated.

This page was last updated August 17, 2011.

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