MOLINARI REVIEW:  An Interdisciplinary Journal of Libertarian Research

The MOLINARI REVIEW is an interdisciplinary, open-access academic journal published by the Molinari Institute.

The MOLINARI REVIEW seeks to publish scholarship, sympathetic or critical, in and/or on the libertarian tradition, broadly understood as including classical liberalism, individualist anarchism, social anarchism, anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-communism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcha-feminism, panarchism, voluntaryism, mutualism, agorism, distributism, bleeding-heart libertarianism, Austrianism, Georgism, public choice, and beyond – essentially, everything from Emma Goldman to Ayn Rand, C. L. R. James to F. A. Hayek, Alexis de Tocqueville to Michel Foucault. (We see exciting affiliations among these strands of the libertarian tradition; but you don’t have to agree with us about that to publish in our pages.)

Disciplines in which we expect to publish include philosophy, political science, economics, history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, theology, ecology, literature, and law.

We aim to enhance the visibility of libertarian scholarship, to expand the boundaries of traditional libertarian discussion, and to provide a home for cutting-edge research in the theory and practice of human liberty.

Submissions are ordinarily peer-reviewed. (Invited submissions may be an exception.) We also plan to get our content indexed in such standard resources as International Political Science Abstracts and The Philosopher’s Index.

The journal is published both in print (via print-on-demand) and online (with free access); all content will be made available through a Creative Commons Attribution license. We regard intellectual-property restrictions as a combination of censorship and protectionism, and hope to contribute to a freer culture.

For information on our first issue, see here.

For information on our second issue, see here.

For our online archive of back issues, see here.

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Editor: Roderick T. Long (Molinari Institute / Philosophy, Auburn University)

Associate Editor: Nick Manley (Center for a Stateless Society)

Editorial Board:

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad (Minaret of Freedom Institute)   ·   Neera K. Badhwar (Philosophy, University of Oklahoma)   ·   Philipp Bagus (Economics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos)   ·   Jennifer A. Baker (Philosophy, College of Charleston)   ·   L. Marco Bassani (History of Political Theory, University of Milan)   ·   David T. Beito (History, University of Alabama)   ·   Bruce L. Benson (Economics, Florida State University)   ·   Walter E. Block (Economics, Joseph A. Butt College of Business, Loyola University New Orleans)   ·   Donald J. Boudreaux (Economics, George Mason University)   ·   Susan Love Brown (Anthropology, Florida Atlantic University)   ·   Per Bylund (Hankamer School of Business, Baylor University)   ·   Robert L. Campbell (Psychology, Clemson University)   ·   Paul Cantor (English, University of Virginia)   ·   Bryan Caplan (Economics, George Mason University)   ·   Kevin A. Carson (Center for a Stateless Society)   ·   Gerard Casey (Philosophy, University College Dublin)   ·   Gary Chartier (Philosophy and Law, Tom and Vi Zapara School of Business, La Sierra University)   ·   Enrico Colombatto (Economics, University of Yurin / International Centre for Economic Research)   ·   Tyler Cowen (Economics, George Mason University)   ·   Stephen Cox (Literature, University of Caifornia San Diego)   ·   Christopher Coyne (Economics, George Mason University)   ·   Daniel J. D’Amico (Political Theory Project, Brown University / Joseph A. Butt S. J. College of Business, Loyola University New Orleans)   ·   David S. D’Amato (Center for a Stateless Society)   ·   Stephen Davies (Institute for Economic Affairs)   ·   Douglas J. Den Uyl (Liberty Fund)   ·   Gus diZerega (Independent Scholar)   ·   Richard Ebeling (Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership, Citadel School of Business)   ·   Dario Fernández-Morera (Spanish and Portuguese and Comparative Literature, Northwestern University)   ·   Jessica Flanigan (University of Richmond)   ·   Fred E. Foldvary (Economics, San José State University)   ·   Roger Garrison (Economics, Auburn University)   ·   Gerald Gaus (Philosophy, University of Arizona)   ·   Hannes Gissurarson (Political Science, University of Iceland)   ·   David Gordon (Mises Review)   ·   Anthony Gregory (Independent Institute)   ·   Walter E. Grinder (Institute for Civil Society)   ·   Gil Guillory (Molinari Institute)   ·   Richard O. Hammer (Free Nation Foundation)   ·   David M. Hart (Liberty Fund)   ·   John Hasnas (McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University)   ·   Robert Higgs (Independent Institute)   ·   Randall G. Holcombe (Economics, Florida State University)   ·   Steven G. Horwitz (Economics, St. Lawrence University)   ·   Michael Huemer (Philosophy, University of Colorado Boulder)   ·   Jörg Guido Hülsmann (Economics, Université d’Angers)   ·   Jeffrey Rogers Hummel (San José State University)   ·   Lester Hunt (Philosophy, University of Wisconsin Madison)   ·   Charles W. Johnson (Molinari Institute)   ·   Irfan Khawaja (Philosophy, Felician College)   ·   Stephan Kinsella (Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom / Libertarian Papers)   ·   Daniel B. Klein (Economics, George Mason University)   ·   Peter G. Klein (Applied Social Sciences, University of Missouri)   ·   Adam Knott (   ·   Richard N. Langlois (Economics, University of Connecticut)   ·   Peter Leeson (Economics, George Mason University)   ·   David M. Levy (Economics, George Mason University)   ·   Loren Lomasky (Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law, University of Virginia)   ·   Carlo Lottieri (Political Philosophy, University of Siena)   ·   Eric Mack (Philosophy, Tulane University)   ·   John Majewski (History, University of California Santa Barbara)   ·   Adam Martin (Agricultural and Applied Economics, Texas Tech University)   ·   Julie E. Maybee (Philosophy, Lehman College, City University of New York)   ·   Deirdre McCloskey (Economics, History, English, and Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago)   ·   Alberto Mingardi (Istituto Bruno Leoni)   ·   Roberta Modugno (Political Science, University of Rome 3)   ·   Christopher W. Morris (Philosophy, University of Maryland College Park)   ·   Jan Narveson (Philosophy, University of Waterloo)   ·   James R. Otteson (Political Economy, Wake Forest University)   ·   Tom G. Palmer   ·   Mark Pennington (Political Economy, King’s College London)   ·   David L. Prychitko (Economics, Northern Michigan University)   ·   Matthew Quest (African American Studies, Georgia State University)   ·   Douglas B. Rasmussen (Philosophy, St. John’s University)   ·   Sheldon Richman (Center for a Stateless Society)   ·   Jeff Riggenbach (Randolph Bourne Institute)   ·   Mario Rizzo (Economics, New York University)   ·   Eric Roark (Philosophy, Millikin University)   ·   Fabio Rojas (Sociology, Indiana University Bloomington)   ·   Birgir T. Runólfsson (Economics, University of Iceland)   ·   Thaddeus Russell (American Studies, Occidental College)   ·   Kirkpatrick Sale (Middlebury Institute)   ·   Pascal Salin (Economics, Université Paris-Dauphine)   ·   Crispin Sartwell (Philosophy, Dickinson College)   ·   David Schmidtz (Philosophy, University of Arizona / Arizona Center for the Philosophy of Freedom)   ·   Chris Matthew Sciabarra (Journal of Ayn Rand Studies)   ·   James C. Scott (Anthropology and Political Science, Yale University)   ·   Daniel Shapiro (Philosophy, West Virginia University)   ·   Jeremy Shearmur (Philosophy, Research School of Social Sciences, Australia National University)   ·   Josef Šíma (CEVRO Institute)   ·   Aeon J. Skoble (Philosophy, Bridgewater State University)   ·   Sarah Skwire (Liberty Fund)   ·   Barry Smith (Philosophy, University at Buffalo)   ·   Hillel Steiner (Political Philosophy, University of Manchester)   ·   Joseph R. Stromberg (Independent Institute / Abbeville Institute)   ·   Mark A. Sullivan (Robert Schalkenbach Foundation)   ·   Alex Tabarrok (Mercatus Center / Economics, George Mason University)   ·   John Tomasi (Political Theory Project, Brown University)   ·   Aviezer Tucker (Davis Center for Russian and American Studies, Harvard University)   ·   Peter Vallentyne (Philosophy, University of Missouri)   ·   Kevin Vallier (Philosophy, Bowling Green State University)   ·   Bas van der Vossen (Philosophy, UNC Greensboro)   ·   Frank van Dun (Law, University of Ghent)   ·   Shawn P. Wilbur (Corvus Editions)   ·   Matt Zwolinski (Philosophy, University of San Diego)

Bertrand Lemennicier (1943-2019)
Butler Shaffer (1935-2019)

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