Schoolsville: a bum scene?

GROOVY AND GROSS: What’s Cool About School?

by Roderick T. Long

[This was written around 1976 (so age 12-ish), probably in 6th grade, at Temple View Elementary School (pictured below in all its glory) in Idaho Falls. I do not remember what “contracts” in reading class were, but evidently I didn’t like them. I do remember the Taba series, a set of history and social studies textbooks that was stored in the classroom but seldom used, despite being much more interesting than the crap we generally had to read. I also remember Mrs. Hylsky, who deserves higher praise than she receives here, and Miss Mills, who doesn’t. Little did I know how much worse 7th grade would be at Eagle Rock Junior High! Though, happily, high school in Hanover NH would be a vast improvement.]

Math: Bleah! Except for Geometry.

Reading: OK for me, because I didn’t have to do contracts, but reports instead. I did contracts for the first few weeks, though, and YAARGH! Contracts are so gross, YAARGH! Too much work and too much waiting for help. YAARGH! Math’s much better.

Social Studies: I learned some interesting things about the American Revo, but it was offset by asking a question at the end of each paragraph. No class! The blue-green Taba or whatever’s-it’s-called series was much better.

Science: I might have a better feeling about Science if someone hadn’t lifted my digramatic diagrams, but C’est la Vie. Or is it C’est la Guerre? Or both? Anyway! Science was interesting, but it was presented BLAHLY, as was Social.

English: It were probably interests, but me not enjoyous them. Perhaps it were presenting BLAHLY anymore too. Who’s papers is this, Anyway?

     Mrs. Hylsky: Good, but sometimes jumps to conclusions.
     Miss Mills: I don’t no? I mean, I don’t know. What I mean is, I don’t know because she wasn’t my homeroom teacher, but only my reading teacher, and in Reading, she never said anything except to yell at us.

School Building: Nice, but ...

School Rules: How come we can only go through that one door?

Anyway! ...






                                                                                                                         or the more prosaic THE END,

However you may wish to say it!

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