The Elemen Transaction

by Roderick T. Long

[written around 12, or 1976-ish, in Idaho Falls.]

We, the inhabitants of Earth Colony LMN-741.3, Hereafter to be called Elemen, do hereby terminate all relationships with the Associated Dictatorial Republics of Earth (ADRE). Elemen, colonized by ADRE in Year 7113 (New Time reckoning) or 2017 A.D. (Old Time reckoning) was given permission to found cities, farm the virgin soil, study the alien fauna and flora, make our own laws, and worship as we please. Since 7113, however, Tekniks (ADRE ambassadors) have harassed our people and governed our lives. We were transferred here with the understanding that Elemen (LMN-741.3) would be a free colony. ADRE and its Tekniks have treated us like one of the Dictatorial Republics. We now establish ourselves as a free planet, and forbid ADRE officials to enter. We are prepared to back up our ultimatum with warfare, if necessary.
Roderick Long
Marie Aulette
Joan Wallace Dean
Michael Hendenbush
Jack Dodge
Pierre Doyle
Rob Hedge

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