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Have you seen the new episode of Battlestar Galactica, where Adama and Admiral Cain plot to kill each other? That’s what one calls escalation. I am fascinated by this plot-twist, because Adama certainly has taken measures which usually don’t fit to him and his character. Also, he is almost entirely relying on recounts via a 3rd person, who may or may not be truly reliable (although he is right in this instance). Perhaps the US should have used a similar tactic, to assassinate Saddam rather than commit a third of the military to a lengthy invasion, although such a course of action would again be objectionable for a Libertarian.
In response: I think Adama is justified in having Cain assassinated. (For those who’ve been following DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis arc, I also think Wonder Woman was justified in killing Max Lord. Purely defensive in both cases.) As for assassination as a tool of foreign policy .... [To return to the rest of this blogpost, close this window. If the link doesn’t work, close it the ordinary way.]