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These are the archives for the old version of this blog.
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August 2006

JLS 20.2: What Lies Within?
Anarchy in D.C.
Tuscaloosa Countdown
Beirut Update
Journalist Grows Spine!
Good-bye Forever

July 2006

A Thought for the Fourth
Betrayal in Portland
Two From Space
Subversive Summer Reading
Soccer Logic, Time Thieves, and Anarchy
Bastille Day Bulletin
Bastille Day Bulletin, Part Deux
Forgotten Blues
Who Is My Neighbour?
Stop Me Before I Link Again!
Victory Through Victim-Swapping
Feel the Irony

June 2006

Stromberg on Land Theft: Now Online
Before the Law Stands a Doorkeeper
Aristotle, Anarchy, Action!

May 2006

Francis Tandy Rides Again
The Net of Time
Name the Mystery Feminist
Oh Say Can You See
Subjective Value, Objective Good
Forth to the Firth!

April 2006

JLS 20.1: What Lies Within? Mutualist Admiration Society or Mutualist Assured Destruction?
The Red Flag of Rothbard
George Mason’s Feet of Clay
Anarchy in Prague
Dagny Taggart, Tomb Raider; or, Tyler Durden Shrugged
Who Is Brad Pitt?
One More Atlas Post

March 2006

From Russia With Love
Melancholy Miscellany
I’ve Been Memed!
I’ve Been Memed! – Part Deux
Wooly Bully; or, Mammoths Live!
A Late Delivery from Babylon
Traduttore Traditore
This Week in Review
This Is a Stick-Up
How Victor Yarros Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the State
Another Loony Left-Libertarian Screed from Roderick
Subversion from the Sea
Happiness in Las Vegas

February 2006

Ayn Rand’s Left-Libertarian Legacy
Tarzan’s Burden
Farewell and Thank You
The Empire Victorious
Randians on the Warpath
Wear the Future
Who’s on First?
Moon Man
Bang Bang He Shot Me Down
From Wilderland to Western Shore
San Franarchy
Spooner on Rent
Exit to Grow in Wisdom
Wieser and Smart: Austrian Classics Online
Andrews and Walker: Anarchist Classics Online
Moments of Transition

January 2006

Anarchy in New York
Anarchist in the Chimney
How I Found Threedom in an Unthree World
Shadow Boxing
JLS 19.4: What Lies Within?
Vote for Mises!
Raising Cain
Miscellaneous Roundup
Support Libertarian Forum
Geekier Than Thou
Booted and Spurred
Platonic Bailments
Ties That Bind
SUBMIT to The Industrial Radical
Alienation, Assassination, and Inflation
A Night in Old Vienna
A Lefter Shade of Thick
Postcards from Cimmeria
Write a Letter to Cory Maye
Happy Actual Birthday
End of an Era
Why Do They Hate Us?
The Wisdom of Al Gore
News from the Rebellion
These Acronyms Were Brought to You By the Letter W
The Greatest Love of All
See the Violence Inherent in the System!
The Problem of Pain
New Anti-IP Resource
How the Randians Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Statist Collectivism and Mass Death
Amica Libertas Sed Magis Amica Veritas
The Rainbow and the Bridges of the Olbermann

December 2005

Fixing the King
Economics Incarnate!
Major Combat Operations Are Over!
Freedom and the Firm
Self-Promotion Tango
Freud Conquers the Arctic
Vast and Cool
Death By Government
Journey to the Centre of Middle Earth
Little Red Book
Left Behind
News From Nowhere
Join the Molinari Safari
A Message from the Birthday Boy

November 2005

Antifascist Before It Was Cool
Antarctic Trilogi-gi!
Red Star Rising
Better Killing Through Chemistry
Some People Push Sideways
It’s All In Her Head
Briefing for a Descent into Hellenistic
Star Search
A View to a Kill
Civil War Aims?
It’s Your Duty to Vote!

October 2005

Radio Free Roderick
Support the Army
Pay No Attention to That Spaceship Behind the Curtain
What Darwin Thought of Aristotle and Spencer
Fellow Traveler
Egalitarianism, Austro-Athenian Style
JLS 19.3: What Lies Within?

September 2005

Herbert Spencer: Big in Japan
A Moment of Silence
Browncoat Alert
All This and Much Much Moore
Hurricane W
Isabel Paterson Rides Again
Failed Hurricane Response Is an Opportunity for Libertarians [guest blog by Phil Jacobson]
Floodgates of Statism
Did Hippasus Die For Nothing?
No Proof Against the Wind
There Gloom the Dark Broad Seas

August 2005

Philosophy on the Beach
Vipers and Fireflies, Part 2
Just War Conundrum
Laying It On Thick, Part 2
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Hip Hip Ouray
The Left Lane of Liberty
Once More Unto the Breach

July 2005

Celebrating Our Nonexistent Freedom
Share the Wealth!
Kelo and the Constitution
Extreme Golf!
Spencer versus the Empire
Vipers and Fireflies
Shocking Secret the Airlines Don�t Want You to Know!
And Thank Goodness Nobody Lives in Mexico
Molinari Trifecta!
Slight Turbulence
Electronic Cornucopia of Liberty

June 2005

My Father the Chair
Aiming to Misbehave
Iraqis, Gays, and Dangerous Things
Juvenilia Jamboree
Confederate Art

May 2005

Sign of the Times
Mindgames and Brainstorms, Episode III: Revenge of the Hylomorph
Born on the Bayou?
Brown Is the Colour of My True Love�s Coat
Postlibertarianism: Still Wrong
Laying It On Thick

April 2005

Rock Me Ludwig
Vienna Waits For You
The Primacy of the Abstract
Happy Birthday, Herbert Spencer
Out of Form, Out of Mind � Part II [guest blog by Kevin Vallier]

March 2005

Gee Whizardry
State-Nicknamecraft as Soulcraft
Laissez Parler
Update With Croutons
Mindgames and Brainstorms
Out of Form, Out of Mind? [guest blog by Kevin Vallier]
Mindgames and Brainstorms, Episode II
The Restaurant at the End of Inquiry
Don�t Bully the Bunny
Dueling Molinari Fellows!
Because The World Is Round It Turns Me On
Moscow Bound

February 2005

Who Put the A in Austro-Athenian?
18.4 + 41
Too Hot for Vegas
A Curse On Evil In All Its Forms
The Strange Jurisprudence of Ward Churchill
Nothing to Sneeze At
Shadows of Memory

January 2005

Incipit MMV
Reclaiming Libertarian Feminism�s Radical Legacy
Free At Last
But They Still Say �Frak�

December 2004

Submission is Ecstasy
Shadows on the Screen
Tussling With Tidwell
Boston Anarchist Thinking Brigade

November 2004

Kerry or Badnarik?
Goodnarik Redux
Ubi Libertas Ibi Patria
A Crumb of Consolation
Scene from a Nearby Possible World
Feed for Thought
Causes Which Impel
Most Likely to Secede
Bold Republican Health Care Initiative
Anarchy Means Never Having to Say You�re Sorry
Exit Strategy
Rednecks or Greenbacks?
Screen Legends
God and the State
Tough Love at 50,000 Volts
A Brave New World of Philosophy?
The Open-Source Society and Its Enemies
Copyrights and Contracts
Anarchy Plus
Arrows of Desire
Better Dead Than Opiated
The Schoolhouse Door
The Watchables
L&P-ers in RAE
Mirabile Dictu
Thanksgiving Proclamation
Fiery Braille?
When Good Texans Do Bad Things
Goodbye and Good Riddance

October 2004

No Truce With Kings
Smash the Plutocracy!
Republican Congressman Embraces Polytheism
Madness Below, Sanity Above
The Civil War
The Civil War, Part Deux
They Fought the Law ...
Presidential Hermeneutics
Their Land
Plus �a Change
The Form of Sound Words
Platonic Productivity
Snarling Apathy
Son of Shameless Self-Promotion
Festive Feedback
Southward Aye We Fled

September 2004

Greener Than Thou
Arms and the Net I Sing
Shelter from the Storm
Subjugating the Masses
Gift of the Magi
Logica Ingredientibus

August 2004

To Serve Man
News from the Front
Molinari Society Update
Prisoners of the Helix?
Anarchy Is Upon Us!
Anti-Gouging Idiocy
More Anarchy Is Upon Us!
The Second Empire Strikes Back
Beyond the Ballot
When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie, Is It Allah?
Sand and Sun
Anarchists and Terrorists

July 2004

Rous�d from Icy Trance
Gypped by the Gipper
Celebrate What?
A Scent of Lemon on the Waves?
The Logic of Jihad
A Concrete Example
The Hugo and His Own
Left at the Altar
Sniffing Glue with Rick Santorum
The FMA: A Victimless Crime?
The Paradox of Religious Conservatism
Iraq, Then and Now
Herbert Spencer versus the Undead
A Choice, Not an Ecch
A Greener Shade of Brown
Drakh to the Future
Flaming Swords, Devilish Anarchists, and Boolean Logic: The First War on Terror
The Original Phantom Menace
Badnarik on the Road to Damascus?
Antiwar Libertarianism: Principled or Pragmatic?
This Mind Is Your Mind
Bats and Vogons
Bill O�Reilly Reports for Duty

June 2004

This Hurts Big Brother More Than It Hurts You
Brazen Evil
Libertarians Still Don�t Exist
Floor Show
Arithmetical Semantics
The Sky Is No Longer the Limit
Anarchist Athens
Austro-Athenian Space Opera
Art Criticism for Real People
Demolish the Duopoly
Free Saddam Hussein!

May 2004

Finding the Brake
Anti-Feminism Is Anti-Liberty
Separate But Equal?
No Thinking, Please
No War, No State, No War Between the States
Let�s Do the Time Warp Again
Tolle, Lege
Are We All Consequentialists Now?
Faith of the Heart
The Hoppriori Argument
The Thin Blue Line
Towards Standards of Criticism
Libertarianism in One Sentence
Convention Newsflash
Thanks for Dying

April 2004

God Said to Abraham, Kill Me a Son
And His Axe Was Made of Gold
Evil That Good May Come?
Pause Button
Zydeco Good, Nazis Bad
Shut Up and Obey
The Power of Language and the Language of Power
The Treasonous Ann Coulter
Just Ignore Them
Marx and Spencer: Celebrity Death Match
Pro-Rape Catholics versus Pro-Hypocrisy Catholics?
Am I a Real Man?

March 2004

Rand Air
Theism and Atheism Reconciled
Holy War!
Keeping It Real
Wolf Fight II
The Pretense of Knowledge
Fire the State
Soak the Poor
Terrorist Logic
Serfdom USA
Pi in the Sky
Infernal Revenue
The Great Divorce
Rise of the Empire
Truth in Advertising
The Absent State?
Xenophon on Law and Violence
Dialectical Feminism: The Unknown Ideal
Disunion Now
Yet Another Molinari Institute Update
No Pity, No Praise
The Great Divorce, Part 2
This Land Is Mine
On Moderation in Politics
No Pity, No Praise � Part 2
The Unspeakable Logos
Rothbard on �68

February 2004

The Big Wolowski
Brother From Another Planet
The End of Civilisation, Or Something
Tales From the Dark Side
Fist of the Beholder
Santa Claus, Woodrow Wilson, and Other Dangerous Things
Aristocracy for Everybody
Armey of Darkness
Sects, Lies, and Transcendence
Tertium Non Datur
Operation Perpetual Failure
High Sierra
Thinking Like a State
Anarchism As Constitutionalism, Part 3
An Audience of Myriads
The Man Who Would Be President
Missing Mars Rover Surfaces in Loch Ness!
The Way It Wasn�t
En Passant
The Fell Clutch Tightens
To Vote Or Not To Vote
Constant on Blowback
Wolf Fight
Shades of Green
God So Loved the World that He Did What?
Egoism and Anarchy
Why Jesus Is Not God
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Jesus?
Epicurus: Egoist Anarchist?

January 2004

Update and Utilitarian-Bashing
Molinari Society Approved
Was Adam Smith Too Optimistic?
Those Who Will the End Must Will the Means
Med Lov Skal Man Land Bygge
Those Who Will the End Must Will the Means, Part 2
When Computers Go Bad
Felonious Monk
Gimme That Old-Time Religion
Today Baghdad, Tomorrow Barsoom?
Compass Points
Brothers in Arms
Bastiat in Space
Name Game
Eyes Wide Shut
The Very Long Wait For Londo Mollari

December 2003

Downsizing the Commandments
Anarchism as Constitutionalism: A Reply to Bidinotto
Even More Thoroughly Modern Ayn
Prize of War
Another Molinari Institute Update
Horizontally Speaking
Jus in Bello
Lawless Ruler Still At Large
Vae Victis
Credo Quia Absurdum
Seasonal Roundup
No, Virginia
The Crowd Is Untruth
Anarchism as Constitutionalism, Part 2

November 2003

Die Weltgeschichte ist das Weltgericht
No More Missing Link
Friedrich Nietzsche, Paleoconservative?
Digital Straczynski Goodness on the Way
Misreading Rand
Thank a Veteran?
A Constitution for Iraq
Random Roundup
Platonic Anarchism
Columbus, Iraq, and Manichean Imperialism

October 2003

Thoroughly Modern Ayn?
Children of the State
Vienna on the Seine
Oops, I Heiled Again
The Flame of Liberty
Edwin Black Strikes Back
The Praxeology of Cuteness
An End to Allegiance
Littoral-Minded Philosophy
Smoke Screen
Rhyme and Reason

September 2003

The Lesson of 9/11
Total Eclipse
Curiouser and Curiouser
Shameless Self-Promotion
Freedom is Slavery

August 2003

The Droghte of March
Call Waiting
Black on the Right Side, White on the Left
Who Defends Marriage?
By the Numbers
Laissez Pouvoir
The Stone Idol
Spencer Smeared Again
Jesus Wants Your Money
Patriotic, Patriotic, Put Your Hands All Over My Documents

July 2003

What Mean These Stones?
Cinema Update
Molinari Institute Update
Happy Bastille Day
Disarming the Rabble
Silencing the Rabble, Too
Fame and Fortune
Peeling the Self

June 2003

Khawaja versus Pipes
Acts of God
The Blogging Will Continue Until Morale Improves
I Adjust
The Constitution of Liberty
Long�s Review of De Jasay Now Online
Katharine Hepburn, R.I.P.

May 2003

Return of the Native

April 2003

Tour of Duty

March 2003

An Open Letter to the Peace Movement
The Very Idea
A Double Standard?
Disentangling Alliances
Aid and Comfort
Interim Report

February 2003

In Memoriam
Consult the Proper Authorities
Fighting Words
I, Stalinist
Shades of Grey (and Blue)
The King�s English?
People of Colour
Satanic Epistemology?

January 2003

The Road from Serfdom (and a queue back)
The Coming of Shadows
Report from the Empire
One Cheer for Political Correctness
Culture and Anarchy
Eternal Hostility
Let a Thousand Cultures Bloom
Blinded by Complexity
A Wind in the Door
State of Denial?
Why Fur Is Not Murder
An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden

December 2002

Solstice News Update
Let's Blog Again Like We Did Last Month
The Reason for the Season
What We Owe to John Rawls

November 2002

Signs and Portents
More Blogged Against Than Blogging

October 2002

True Colours: Outranding the Randians
An Open Letter on War With Iraq
First Response to My Open Letter
Second Response to My Open Letter
Who Says Freedom Isn't Free?
Bloody Constraint
Face Value
The Logic of Empire

September 2002

Reflections on the First Anniversary of September 11th
Philately: Who Needs It (A Puzzle Solved)
A Blog By Any Other Name
Slip Out of Those Genes

Other Online Writings