Unexpected Visitors

by Roderick T. Long

[written around 12, or 1976-ish, in Idaho Falls.]

Betty lay on her back, watching the clouds sweep kaleidoscopic patterns in the sky, as the warm winds blew over her, bending the tall meadow grass back and forth over the girl.

One cloud Betty was particularly interested in was a giant dragon sweeping across the sky. One of its wings was missing, and the “St. George” it was chasing was only a gentle, elongated puff, but Betty hardly noticed. She was too busy watching the battle.

St. George circled, keeping the dragon at bay, who pawed the ground and snarled. The Dragon leaped at St. George, breathing fire and ...

Fire? Yes, the sky had suddenly burst into flame. There was a roaring sound, and a fiery shape sped across the sky.

Betty remembered the flying saucer scare of ’99. Was this a UFO?

A strange shape landed next to her, about ten feet away. The door opened, and a strange figure came out. It had no clothes, but was completely white, and as bulky as a gorilla. But most shocking of all was its head – a translucent sphere with the faint shape of lurid features inside.

Surely these creatures could not have been born on her native planet! Were they from Mars? or Venus?

Betty’s antennæ flickered, and her green skin shuddered. They might even be from Earth!

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